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"It was one of the best courses we have experienced "

- Community Assets Matter Training Course Attendee

Building on 67 years of experience, Community Matters core training package, Community Assets Matter (CAM) has been designed to address all your needs for guidance, support and advice on the management of community buildings and other community assets.

The training is supported by a resource handbook which is free to those attending that will address the diversity of legal and technical aspects that asset management presents, and signposts to further more detailed information and support.

Over 48 Community Centres, 27 Local Authorities, 14 Housing Associations and 30 CVS have used Community Assets Matter training in the last year.

What does the training cover?

 Taking Possession
Is it legal?
Planning for the future
 Licences and permissions
 Current regulations
 Health and safety
Roles and responsibilities
 Meeting local need
 Disability and access
 Occupying premises
 Service delivery
 To trade or not to trade
Hiring the facility
   Business planning
 Maintaining the facility
   Quality systems
 Developing the asset
   Greening the asset

What are the course aims?

By the end of the course participants will:

  • be more knowledgeable about the diversity of legal and technical aspects of managing community buildings and other community assets
  • be better able to develop ideas for income generation to maintain the sustainability of your asset
  • receive the new Community Assets Matter resource handbook that addresses where to go for more specialised advice and help and provides a wealth of useful information and guidance

The training assumes some prior knowledge as the sessions adopt a problem-solving/case study approach using an extended case scenario to support and promote discussions around best practice and shared experiences.

An important aspect of the training is to address the issues and areas of development identified by the participants as being a priority for them and accordingly programme content can be tailored to cater for the needs of each group.

How much does it cost?

  • £1500 for the 2 days for up to 10 participants with one trainer
  • £2500 for the 2 days for up to 20 participants with two trainers

How to book

To book Community Assets Matter training or to find out more, contact Head of Consultancy, Richard Bridge on or send us a message here...

Other training opportunities

If you find that Community Assets Matter does not suit your needs, Community Matters can tailor a learning approach that is right for you and your organisation. To talk through your training requirements please contact or email us at

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